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    Lunch Meal Prep: Rice and Veggies

    This may sound incredibly nieve of me, readers, but until I started this new job, I didn’t realize that people buy lunch during the work day. Sure I knew a few people that might get McDonalds once in awhile or grab some Dunkin when they were in a slump. But for the most people I worked with would either pack or they would not really eat but just snack. Since I have started this new job, I am seeing a whole new world. We have a beautiful dining facility at my job, and almost everyone buys every day. I’ve looked at the prices, so I know that minimum they are…

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    Avoiding Processed Foods: The Surprising Way it Helps You Save Money and Time

    You might be surprised to learn that one of Mr. BFI’s and my biggest arguments when it comes to money is food. We are constantly trying to find the balance between nourishing our bodies, and saving money. It’s a middle that we definitely have trouble finding. I generally fall on the side of it’s ok to have a larger weekly grocery bill if you are buying things that are going to nourish you and make you live a healthier life, while Mr. BFI is happy to eat $1 box of granola bars for every week. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just as happy as the next person to…

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    New Year, New Job, New Salary

    Well BFI’ers, I have some great news! I got a new job! I have been at my current job for a little over a year, and as I have previously mentioned, it was in the nonprofit world. I was actually pretty happy there and didn’t have any plans of leaving until I had a really negative negotiation experience. Let me run through what happened with you. Basically we had an interim boss, and I had mentioned to her for about six months that I had been looking for a raise, and or a title change. I knew that being a non profit, and also that with the changes currently happening…

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    October 2018 Profit/Loss

    The end of October marks 12 months since Mrs. BFI and I started tracking our income and expense down to a per transaction basis and I am excited to look at some trends overtime, but that will be for another post. Today is the summary profit loss statement for October. Our income was standard, plus a high HGD income based on a lot of activity in that business. An otherwise un-eventful income report. On the expense side we had a few exciting expenses and unusual expenses. He had some hard hitting car repairs this month. I took my car to get new tires and found out it also needed a…

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    Insurance Bundling

    Insurance is one of those things that everyone needs and nobody wants to pay for. That’s probably why it’s a legal requirement to carry it in many cases and mortgage companies require it to protect their asset. You always hear the the commercials about bundling your home and auto insurance to get better pricing. Well we heard them too but had been too lazy to look into it. I was using the same insurance company my parents had started me on when I was 16 and Mrs. BFI was using a family friend’s broker service. She was also still paying renters insurance while I was paying home owners insurance. We…

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    When Life Gives you Lemons…

    You know how the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Well I were feeling pretty lemon worthy this weekend. I had picked up a cold late in the week that was in full force Saturday. Mrs. BFI and I had some pre-scheduled activities I didn’t wan to cancel so I sucked it up and we spent most the day on the away from the house. When we did get back home I called in early for a weekend. A few hours into my slumber I was awoken by Mrs. BFI. She thought she heard something and wanted me to check it out. I sleepily walked into the…

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    September 2018 Profit/Loss

    September has come to pass and so has most of our savings. It was a low savings month for us which can mainly be attributed to wedding expenses, but first, lets check out the income. $7302 in total income, one of our lower income months. This is mainly because our extra income through side hustles and HGD was only about $100. The rental and paycheck income held pretty consistent, with a slight bump in the paycheck arena that’s to the raise. If you are looking for a raise of your own, check out all the details behind the process I went through here. Expenses totaled $5245. Our expenses before we…

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    Fighting for a Raise

    In the frugality and financial independence community there is a lot of content on increasing your income through side hustles such as drive sharing, sales through Etsy, retail arbitrage and other hustles. These are great options, but all include increasing your working hours. Of course, if you can increase your income from your normal 9 to 5 through a raise you can get more while applying the same hours. As I have found in most office environments nobody is going to stand up to be your personal advocate. Your boss won’t come to you out of the blue and give you a raise outside of the company’s annual raise system…

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    August 2018 Profit/Loss

    August was a pretty boring month in terms of our expenses. We had lower than usual savings due largely to the fact that we paid large insurance payments for both of our cars. A few months ago we also refinanced some of the school loans so they now require a larger monthly minimum, but we were paying extra towards them anyway so it does not make a huge difference in our actual results. I had another small check come out for a deer tag and also $100 for gambling which is a fantasy football league I have been in for years with my friends from high school. I never expect…

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    Mad Fientist Podcast Review

    I am obsessed with podcasts…no I mean it. I am currently  subscribed to 65, and I downloaded the Overcast podcast app, because it lets you increase the speed of your podcasts with more control then the Apple Podcast app. I am also one of those weirdos (though I have fully embraced this) that listens to their podcasts on double speed. You would be amazed how much extra content you can get through!a Anyway, the point of this post is not how amazing podcasts are (we all know they rock) but rather what I think about the Mad Fientist podcast. This is something Mr. BFI and I both recently discovered. I…

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