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    Lunch Meal Prep: Rice and Veggies

    This may sound incredibly nieve of me, readers, but until I started this new job, I didn’t realize that people buy lunch during the work day. Sure I knew a few people that might get McDonalds once in awhile or grab some Dunkin when they were in a slump. But for the most people I worked with would either pack or they would not really eat but just snack. Since I have started this new job, I am seeing a whole new world. We have a beautiful dining facility at my job, and almost everyone buys every day. I’ve looked at the prices, so I know that minimum they are…

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    Avoiding Processed Foods: The Surprising Way it Helps You Save Money and Time

    You might be surprised to learn that one of Mr. BFI’s and my biggest arguments when it comes to money is food. We are constantly trying to find the balance between nourishing our bodies, and saving money. It’s a middle that we definitely have trouble finding. I generally fall on the side of it’s ok to have a larger weekly grocery bill if you are buying things that are going to nourish you and make you live a healthier life, while Mr. BFI is happy to eat $1 box of granola bars for every week. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just as happy as the next person to…

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    Insurance Bundling

    Insurance is one of those things that everyone needs and nobody wants to pay for. That’s probably why it’s a legal requirement to carry it in many cases and mortgage companies require it to protect their asset. You always hear the the commercials about bundling your home and auto insurance to get better pricing. Well we heard them too but had been too lazy to look into it. I was using the same insurance company my parents had started me on when I was 16 and Mrs. BFI was using a family friend’s broker service. She was also still paying renters insurance while I was paying home owners insurance. We…

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    When Life Gives you Lemons…

    You know how the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Well I were feeling pretty lemon worthy this weekend. I had picked up a cold late in the week that was in full force Saturday. Mrs. BFI and I had some pre-scheduled activities I didn’t wan to cancel so I sucked it up and we spent most the day on the away from the house. When we did get back home I called in early for a weekend. A few hours into my slumber I was awoken by Mrs. BFI. She thought she heard something and wanted me to check it out. I sleepily walked into the…

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    How to Date on an FI Budget

    Dating is one of the best parts about life, and I’m not just talking about the singles people out there going to bars and dinner, I mean married couples too. Dating is fun, exciting, rewarding and just a damn good time. They say that if you want a successful marriage you should never stop dating, and Mr. BFI and I agree with that. There is this idea that when you are on a budget, that will involve sacrifice, and though this is true in some ways, I don’t think it’s applicable when it comes to dating. There will not be sacrifice, but rather creativity. Let me explain. THE CLASSIC MOVIE…

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    My Car Got Towed and I Laughed — Well Eventually

    I have never handled surprise financial costs well. My relationship with money has been complicated for most of my life, and whenever something unexpected would come up, I always wished I would have saved more and prepared more and then I would find a way to pay my surprise expense (with a meltdown as well) and go on not changing anything. I decided a few years ago that setting up a different bank account to handle my savings was going to be a strategy that might work for me. I found a bank, that allows me to have 5 different savings accounts. So each month, I have money taken from…

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    Sweat Equity

    We have had our rental property/house hack for a little over a year now and aside from our initial 6 week renovation work the income really has been pretty passive. I might spend 5 hours a month on the business related numbers and most of that is by choice. Of course things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies as I alluded to in the ‘why is it raining inside’ post from May. Specifically we are tackling two major projects this summer: 1)  Being in a well populated borough our property requires annual inspections. When we had our first one this last spring the inspector called out a few problems for us…

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    Book Review: Set For Life

    I just finished up reading Scott Trench’s book Set For Life. As Mrs. BFI and I are on the journey to financial independence and have real estate investments, this book on starting from zero (or negative) and heading to financial independence published by Bigger Pockets, which is a real estate investing group certainly caught my attention. I wanted to let you know my thoughts both good and bad on the book and a couple key take aways for me. I should first start by saying the book is heavily targeted at younger aged millennial type people making medium salaries ($50K range). For those people the book can basically be summed…

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    Vacation; Hard to Break Free

    Mrs. BFI and I were lucky enough to get away for a couple extra days around the fourth of July holiday and experience some of what the coast has to offer. Working on extreme frugality can be difficult work in and of itself so we made budget conscious decisions but also tried to break free from the budget scrutiny in some regards. For example, we were able to save a huge amount of money ($100+) by taking our dog with us instead of boarding her. By doing this we weren’t able to experience the same state of relaxation he had in the past, but that was a trade-off we made.…

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    I Chose My Fitness Over Frugality, and I’m Not Sorry

    I have been in a buyers predicament for months. Literally losing over sleep, deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Here’s the thing, I really wanted a Fitbit Versa. I already had an old fitbit, that was falling apart. Truly coming apart at the seams, and I didn’t just want to replace it, I wanted to update it.   This is the hard thing about being frugal. It’s not about learning frugal habits, it’s about balancing those in everyday life. Mr. BFI didn’t understand why I yearned so much for this smart fitness tracking watch. I tried to explain that it helped me live a happier, healthier life. That…

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